The Invisible Hand

by We Are In Envelopes

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2013 release by We Are In Envelopes


released April 27, 2013

Wet Dentist - Guitar/Vox
Ellis De Fury - Drums
The Wizard - Bass
Spayce Mann - Guitar/Bvox

Engineered & Mastered by Wet Dentist, 12/23/12 - 4/20/13
Produced by Wet Dentist and We Are In Envelopes

Front and back cover art by Cherish Russty Brazil



all rights reserved


We Are In Envelopes Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

provocative Neo Post Punk music.

Wet Dentist - guitar/vox
Ellis De Fury - drums
Spayce Mann - lead guitar/bvox
The Wizard - bass

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Track Name: Wild Speculation
WILD SPECULATION: I’m a monster helicopter. I’m explosions, real explosions. gimme your wild
speculation. it’s like quicksand. I’ll torch your hand. you understand: we’ll shake on land. cherry picker
slit the wire, restless atoms really hate it when they sweat like me. gimme your wild speculation.
herky jerky. don’t look tired. you’ll get fired. i was hired. now i’m wired...
Track Name: Fetishist 4 the Dickensian
FETISHIST 4 THE DICKENSIAN: I can shoot through the loopholes, I daresay, better than anyone. you
best leave this neck of the woods to us. the clarity and the scope of our lenses are cosmic. faster than
the speed of gasoline, it will seem like an alien poison: you’ve all had some. am I public? am i private?
I’ll show you how it feels when I drop an easy 500 million dollars. and my cash can make sounds; they
are beautiful. fetishist 4 the Dickensian: it’s unstoppable what I got going on here. she would look hot
scrubbing an ox cart with stringy hair, answers to “you there” ... she would look hot scrubbing the
wash, tears in her frock, with dirty hair. the cosmos shellacs itself in celestial light, and their dreams
channel mine. faster than the speed of gasoline, it will seem like an alien poison: you’ve all had some.
i will wield technologies that can do what now cannot be done: puny drones, you can’t touch this. do I
stutter? fetishist 4 the Dickensian: it’s unstoppable what i got going on here.
Track Name: Work W/Me
WORK W/ME: my people will contact your people, and then they’ll all go to lunch. they’ll sit down,
smile, maybe shake hands, order drinks, and then my people will do something that evades every sin-
gle rule of etiquette. my people will eat your people ... and then, you won’t have any people. and then
I’ll eat you in the company of my people ... work with me. by the way, how’s the wife? ‘cause ya know
something? I always like the wives. all because I ate you in the company of my people ..
Track Name: Chantix
CHANTIX: thank you doctor. hollow inside. my smoking meds. thank you doctor. I am empty. my
smoking meds. hollow inside. rewires the brain. sometimes I look back on this or that and I think “my
God, insane”... I am empty. this pill makes me girlfriend shouldn’t have to love this. hollow
inside. rewires the brain. sometimes I look back on this or that and I think “my God, insane”
Track Name: Easy Money
EASY MONEY: we will name names and blanket billboards with you. once you’re on television, then
you’ll know it’s all over. the caption under your face will be quite delicious. you will be famous. it’ll feel
like the receiving end of a 15 yard unnecessary roughness penalty, with a loss of down for you. the
leak we made couldn’t be more clear. you snooze, you lose. this will be the bad-for-you interlude. you
snooze, you lose. worry we might take you and go next level. easy money. don’t you even bother.
we’re going to be aggressive ... you snooze, you lose. just how bad will we be when we ruin you? ...
don’t you even bother. we will be aggressive. the truth is always too late
Track Name: Dog Whistles
DOG WHISTLES: dog whistle on my TV pierces everything I see, like micro-lightning on Blu-ray strik-
ing deep inside my brain. you understand where I am from. you understand inside my skin. until the
Rapture when it comes, I wanna know where you are from. dog whistle let’s go get drinks. you have to
tell me what you think. I’ll show I’m good enough for you, and then I’ll show you what I do. dog whistle
might have promised me that I can be all I can be. asphyxiated in the woods. someone delivered up
the goods. usurper chows hamburgers in our face. usurper builds card castles with our fate. blood
boils, blood boils, evaporates. skin gets soiled. eradicate! remember in the HBO mini-series “John
Adams” when they tarred-and-feathered that guy? that was powerful stuff. he was practically snuffed
right there for all eyes to see on TV. I will never forget that scene. are you getting a gander of what I
mean? dog whistle’s hung around my neck. when I wear it my hair stands on end. been the beginning
of the end. dog whistle, oh dog whistle: your shrills exact missiles not yet blown up. I’m in that time
inside my skin. I feel its urge begin to win. dog whistle tightens up the rope ...
Track Name: Seize Them
SEIZE THEM: guards, seize them. for that what they have done, I will pick apart their loved ones’ lives,
but bring them to me first, unbroken and conscious. you deploy some insect drones. you know where
to send them. notify the senator; there’s gonna be some corpses. get your education on. and then I’m
gonna buy another island ... because I love my wife. and you know Timbaland’s gonna be playing at the
gala. so many helicopters gotta land nearby the stage somehow. we wil be armed to the teeth, and the
landing pad’s fortified. no strays get away, they will be chased down by dogs. fetch me my Presidential
Medal and a chalice full of Beaujolais. and get me my general because I demand an update. I told my
guards to seize them unbroken and conscious. hack into the histories of their IP addresses, insert some
instances, tip a neighbor off. I want answers before I leave at 5 ... and you know Timbaland’s gonna be
playing at the gala. and all who attend will surely keep their eyes on the servants. you poor people all
look the same to me, don’t care what color you are. you look like someone we’re gonna arrest on TV...
we have the Senate. we have the banks, an invading force of millions of Iraqis and Indonesians:
immaculately trained, twice as brutal and ten times as cheap (and the best thing is they don’t speak a
lick of English). so you tell my guards to seize them. ‘cause I got places to be. I’m thinking like Caligula
right now ... seize them!